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Created on:2023-03-14 09:15

The rapid development of 5G, cloud computing, mobile office, SDN, the Internet of Things, etc., and the data flood brought by diversified digital applications also pose great challenges to the bandwidth, stability, and security of data center networks and smart campus networks. According to IDC data, the 2021Q2 global Ethernet switch market revenue is $7.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 10.8%. The side reflects the growing demand for network scale and data transmission in the digital transformation of various industries. Among them, industries such as government affairs, urban construction, cloud computing, education, and industry have become the main industries that drive the growth of the network market.

Government Affairs

With the development of digital government, more and more cities have improved the efficiency of government services by improving the level of e-government services. The popularization of cloud services such as desktop cloud and window real-time services, and the continuous upgrade of application experience have put forward higher requirements for network communication capabilities, driving the upgrading of government extranet office business systems. The system needs to be more reliable, secure, and robust. network facilities.


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