Peruvian customer successfully delivered the bus safety belt alarm system project

Created on:2023-04-11 23:54

On April 5, 2023, the first remote reconfiguration of the seat layout of Peru's 16 seater bus intelligent seat belt alarm system was successfully completed.

At the request of a Peruvian customer, it is necessary to rearrange the seating diagram of their bus's intelligent seat belt alarm from 33 seats to 16 seats. Because the display screen on the customer's hand is an offline system and does not have 4G networking function, it is not possible to complete configuration changes remotely online. Therefore, a configuration cable was sent to the customer.

After our R&D engineer wrote the program for the 16 seat configuration diagram, they sent the data package to the customer. The customer downloaded the data package to the local computer, installed the software, and connected the two ends of the configuration line to the display screen and computer respectively. After starting the program, they successfully completed the change of the display screen from 33 seats to 16 seat bitmap in a few minutes.

According to the latest 16 seat diagram, the customer installed the detection terminal under the seat according to the corresponding seat number, and also installed the pressure sensor and seat belt buckle. Test the intelligent seat belt alarm system. When a person sits in a seat, the corresponding seat on the display screen also correctly displays the occupied status of the seat and whether the seat belt is fastened. The test results show success.

The remote change was successful, and the customer was able to deliver the brand new bus to the end customer on time.


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